Sunday, June 7, 2009

Colorado National Monument

Last week I headed out to western Colorado to do some camping at Colorado National Monument. After a couple of hours at the monument we had seen several of the birds that specialties of the area including: Black-throated Gray Warbler (campsite), Pinion Jay (campsite), Gambels Quail (road to campground and in Grand Junction), and Juniper Titmouse (campsite). I had one curious Juniper Titmouse fly to within 3 feet of where I was sitting on the picnic table. I thought that it was going to land on my hand, it might of if I had had some seeds.

As lively as the Monument was the best opportunities for photography were at the Kokopelli trailheads near Fruita. It was at this location that I was able to photograph my first Black-throated Sparrows in Colorado.

Black-throated Sparrow with Food

Black-throated Sparrow with Grasshopper

Black-throated Sparrow

A few other birds agreed to pose for a photo.

Western Kingbird

Violet-green Swallow

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