Saturday, November 15, 2008

Eleven Mile Canyon

I headed up to Eleven Mile Canyon today hoping to see Crossbills and Albert's Squirrels. It was a quiet day but I did spot this American Dipper on my way out. At this point Eleven Mile Canyon accounts for 100% of my American Dipper finds. I find that American Dippers love to be photographed. I setup my tripod and camera as close as I could due to the steep bank of the river. The Dipper seemed to think that I could get better shots if he flew over to the rock right in front of me, so that is what he did. Due to the limited lighting I was forced to use an iso of 800.


DJB's Photo Adventures said...

Wonderful shot! I love the green moss or lichen under the ice while the dipper poses for you! How do you get to Eleven Mile Canyon from the Springs?

robbh said...

To get to Eleven Mile Canyon just head west on highway 24 until you reach the town of Lake George and look for the sign on the left. Lake George (the lake) usually has a lot of ducks but tends to freeze over this time of year. There is also a nice cattail marsh here.

Anonymous said...


been reading/looking at all the pictures. You must have been doing this for a long time as you seem to know all the correct names for the birds. Do you have a book that you use? I just started bird watching and sometimes struggle figuring out what they are.

Thanks for your help.