Friday, April 25, 2008

Ramah SWA

In search of Marbled Godwit

Last weekend I headed over to Ramah State Wildlife Area to search for the Marbled Godwit that had been reported.

Ramah is located about 37 miles northeast of Colorado Springs. It may be the best shorebird location in El Paso county. It's only average for photograhy. The angle of the sun is just a little less than ideal and the shore always has a lot of algae.

I was not able to locate the Godwit but I did find several Wilson's Phalarope working the shore line. Without too much difficulty I was able to get fairly close and snapped a few pictures before a hawk flew over and scared the Phalaropes back into the middle of the water. I decided to wait where I was and within about a minute one of the Phalaropes swam back to where I was and did some posing.

After a little while Lesser Yellow-legs flew in and chased off the Phalarope.

Before I left a couple of White-faced Ibis flew in for a short stay.

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